Sunday, April 10, 2011

Tea Horse Studio

Life at Tea Horse

Been a little quiet on the blog lately. I had to make a family trip out to Iowa recently so that always puts a damper on my momentum. Now that I'm back, I'm trying to finish up six teapot forms I'm working on. They're derived from the organic textures and imagery that make up much of my sculptures. After I knock off these guys, I'm in the mood for some new sculptural forms.
     The other things that I've been pre-occupied with have been getting my ass in gear about proposals for shows and calls-for-entry. So far, I've been working on proposals and CFE's with two other women artists here in the Central Kentucky area, Crimson Duvall and Lyndsey Fryman. We all have an Eastern Kentucky University connection and we're all older artists, recently graduated with families in different configurations. Right now, our work all seems to relate and compliment each other's, but most importantly, being recent graduates, we're good cheerleaders for each other in furthering our careers. That's something I find very necessary when you're out of the cocoon and incubator that is school.
Dog Humiliation

For Tea Horse Studio, plans are still to build the brand and promote the Etsy shop, hit the fairs when I can afford it. The goings-on outside the studio doors are the same as ever on the farm. The animals, like me, continue to get older, grayer and creakier. My dogs are all slowing down. Today it was very warm, in the mid-eighties, which I think caught the natural world off guard. I had a buddy of mine come over to help with the horses to get them back in to riding mode. Because of school, graduation and starting the business, they haven't been ridden in two years.I'm not concerned about my boy, Tee, inspirational namesake behind Tea Horse Studio, but Ruby, the mare, needs a bit more TLC on the riding front. All in good time!

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